POTTSBORO, Texas (KTEN) -- Service dogs and therapy dogs are needed for different things.
The difference between the two, service dogs are for an individual person, while a therapy dog is for a group.

Ardmore police seeing what a therapy dog can do with their dog Rip.

"Just the impact that he has had on the officers and victims is just absolutely phenomenal," said Melissa Woolly with Heroes with Hope Southern Oklahoma.

Rip can help with assisting police in calming victims, healing PTSD and, Woolly says, helping memory.

"They can just change the entire situation, you know when it comes to children particularly."


"Since he's nonverbal, he really can't tell me that he's in pain," said his mom Linda Dunaway. "That he has a headache. Mom what happened, you know, I was playing in the living room and now I'm in bed."

His mom says the epilepsy is a hereditary trait she passed on, but didn't expect to see until Leon was much older. They're hoping bringing in a service dog will help prevent any sudden deaths.

"He can't sleep in our bed forever," said Dunaway. "That's no fun, and he's having seizures in his sleep and that's a huge risk."

The only thing stopping them from having a service dog is the cost.
They have to pay at least 17 thousand dollars, still just a cut off the original cost.
Something not uncommon according to unleashed academy.

"A service dog is approximately 30-40,000 dollars from us," said Mary Davies, CEO of Unleashed Academy. "And many places around the nation are pretty much the same price."

"I feel like our family in general has tried to find a way that we can raise the money," said Dunaway. "And I think it's going to be a team effort."

If you'd like to donate to the Dunaway's the link is here. And any extra money donated will go to the next child needing a service dog.