CALERA, Okla. (KTEN) – School Resource Officer Jeff Wilson made a promise to his kids at Calera Elementary: If they get good test scores, he'll take a pie in the face.

“We motivated the kids to do a little bit more than what they would have," Wilson said. "It’s about building rapport with us and with the police department and the students that are coming up."

Aside from a parking lot full of laughing kids, the outcome is focused on long-term success.

“They were able to sink their teeth into that, and use that as a reminder when a student has free time, that student can work on something that can get them a pie in the face,” Wilson said. “And that’s just going to help students as they grow intellectually.”

Wilson shows being a resource officer isn’t just about keeping the campus safe.

“We just have a good time, we want to build that rapport and make sure the students know that police officers aren’t terrible people,” Wilson said.

As for the students, it’s a chance to have fun with a familiar face… although that face underwent a small procedure.

“I told everybody I was going to shave it for the summer, but I thought I better go ahead and get it done quicker so I wasn’t picking whipped cream out of my beard,” Wilson said.