ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Ahead of expected growth and new developments coming to Ardmore, the Street Department is working on several infrastructure projects to reduce traffic congestion and make it easier to access retail merchants. 

"When we are building up our new businesses, we need to address the infrastructure, the streets, and storm sewers especially," said City of Ardmore assistant engineer Josh Randell. 

The city's Engineering Department plans to widen some roads, add more lanes to other thoroughfares, and eventually develop a new road connecting Merrick and 12th Avenue. 

Traffic needs to move smoothly to make sure businesses are getting customers in the door. 

"We have to start getting rid of our congestion or helping our congestion, and the best way to do that is to expand and widen the roads and add capacity," Randell said.

Ardmore resident Johnny Norman said he sees the most traffic on Rockford Road, and knows how important the improvement projects will be.

"They were supposed to expand it on Rockford here in the near future. Putting up the stoplights over there on 4th Street has already helped out a lot," he said.

Qdoba and Jersey Mike's are two businesses opening soon. 

"All of these businesses want their customers to be able to access them at any time, and that's the whole goal: To make it easier for everybody," Randell said.