GUNTER, Texas (KTEN) — With Election Day just around the corner on May 7th, the Gunter Independent School District is asking voters to approve a $78.8 million bond package.

"This is so we make sure we have enough seats for kids to learn in," explained Superintendent Scott Martindale.

If approved, the fast-growing district will use the funding to take on two extensive projects.

"The major things in that bond are a new elementary, which will house Pre-K through K. The second most important item on the bond is for land purchase," Martindale said.

The district plans to build a new high school on the land.

And if voters don't give the go-ahead, the district will try again.

"We we will try to grab feedback and go back out the next year," Martindale said. "We have to build buildings, and we have to buy land. The growth is coming to us; we don't have any other option."

The Texas Education Agency confirms that the Gunter ISD is growing 92 percent faster than all other districts across the state.

"We will be around 3,800 students in the next 10 years," Martindale said. "We are currently at 1,138. That is currently one-and-a-half times larger than we are now."

Lifelong Gunter resident Dawn Arrington said she understands the district's needs.

"We don't have room; love to have the kids, but we don't have the space," she said.

A growing school district doesn't come without a population increase, which Arrington has mixed feelings about.

"I don't mind the growth if we can keep the small town feeling or atmosphere," he said, adding: "I hate the traffic."

Property taxes will increase if the bond passes; the district has an online calculator for homeowners to determine how much their bill will go up.