ARDMORE, Okla., (KTEN)--

When you hear about a turkey hunt, economic development probably isn't the first word that comes to mind, but that's exactly what the Annual Lieutenant Governor's Turkey Hunt aims to do. 

Companies from all over the country attend and see what Ardmore and other rural cities in Oklahoma have to offer. 

"This is a very important economic development event. If it takes a turkey hunt to bring people into Oklahoma and bring people into Ardmore for them to see how amazing Ardmore is, then sign me up," Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell said.

Companies looking to relocate are invited to the three-day event, where they network with local business leaders and get a look at life in Oklahoma. 

“We've got local business people participating in it who are out at 4 in the morning with you are hunting a turkey,” Ardmore Development Authority Vice President of Economic Development Andrea Anderson said.

“Rather than just going to lunch or having a meeting, you're experiencing a really big part of southern Oklahoma life, the outdoors, is."

Growing Ardmore's economy is a top priority for Lieutenant Governor Pinnell.

"We do this in eight locations, and I firmly believe that the largest one should be in Ardmore," Pinnell said. 

In 1988 former Lieutenant Governor Robert S. Kerr started the Turkey Hunt, and the tradition has carried on. 

The Ardmore Development Authority has participated for ten years. 

"We had some really great guests who have been here a time or 2  for business meetings and whatnot, but we got to really introduce them to who we are as a community,” Anderson explained. “They got to see something other than a board or business room."