DENISON, Texas (KTEN) -- People were strumming and singing down Main Street Denison in a way never really done before.

"I have seen quite a bit of this wonderful country of ours," said busker and event coordinator, Tim Rogers. "But I have never seen a place that has an event based on street music like this."

Rogers worked with the city to get this busking musical experience up and going, busking being musicians playing out in the streets. And while they accept donations they're really just looking to play.
Rogers says the city was looking for a musical event and he knew exactly what to do.

"He knew that we wanted to get into," said Denison Main Street Director Donna Dow. "Just having more music on the street and he is a busker. So, he's come in several times and he visits with the business owners and makes sure they're okay with him being outside on their street."

"Getting the businesses was easy, they want this," said Rogers. "They want this, it's free music."

And people of all ages were welcome to participate, high school students coming out to join the fun as well.
The goal: to raise the morale of the city, and every smile from the music showed it was working.

"He just wanted to create morale through music and it's really a great idea and we were proud to have this going on in Denison," said Dow.

"This is the test phase to bring street music into Denison," said Rogers. "This is just the start."

From here on out the city is open to buskers, anyone who wants to play songs and share their music.
Denison says there will be other events like this one in the future.