SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The Texas Education Agency has released guidelines for public schools to better understand what is deemed "inappropriate material" and how best to remove those items from school libraries.

It was just over five months ago that Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott instructed the TEA to create guidelines and standards.

TEA recommends that a school district's board of trustees or governing boards of charter schools have final approval over purchasing new books.

The new standards also recommend that parents play a significant role in how books are selected, and that and school librarians should ask parents what their kids can and cannot read.

The Sherman Independent School District has already taken steps to remove books by comparing their guidelines with other districts.

"Our team has reviewed those books. There some books that were re-classified from middle school and moved to the secondary school," explained library director Mignon Plyler. "Then we also had some books that we determined, based on our policy for pervasively obscene, that were not appropriate at the high school level, and so we have removed those books."

It is important to note that Texas schools are not required to implement TEA's guidelines; for now, they are just recommended.