DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Denison has been waiting 50 years to open the city's centennial time capsule.

"It's incredible," said resident Cliff Lovell. "I remember most of the stuff that went in it because I was there, and I knew that my dad's stuff was one of the first ones that went in. It's a kind of anticipation to wait for that moment."

Lovell's father was with the company that made the time capsule's box. The younger Lovell said he remembers the celebration to mark the city's first 100 years in 1972.

Another Denison resident said he recalls a big banner at the celebration that a truck drove through, with people riding around town on flatbeds.

For anyone who was addressed a letter contained in the capsule, the city will try to deliver.

"If anyone's here that has anything in it; if it's in good enough shape; we have John Acres from the Eisenhower Birthplace is coming, and he's going to assess everything," said Denison Mayor Pro Tem Brian Hander. "And if it's in good enough shape they can actually read that note or read that letter."

City officials said everything else will be available to view publicly in a museum exhibit for the public.

Now Denison is getting ready to put mementos in a time capsule towards the end of the year.

"I think my children and my grandchildren will still be around," said Lovell. "I know how fun it was for me, so I think it will be for them, too."