DENISON, Texas (KTEN) – After a three-year hiatus, the Eisenhower Birthplace Historic Site in Denison is celebrating its Egg Roll event for Easter.

The tradition officially dates back to the late 1800s.

"People used to just come and do it on the West Lawn at the White House, and they were worried about the grounds being damaged, so they actually restricted public access," explained educator Amanda Lanum.

President Rutherford B. Hayes invited children to the White House for the inaugural Egg Roll, and it lasted about 35 years before being put on pause.

"World War I rolled around, and due to rationing, they cut the roll," Lanum said. "And then it came back. And then — World War II — they had to cut the Roll again for rationing ... and it was supposed to come back right after the war, but then there was some construction during the Truman administration."

That's when Ike stepped in.

"Eisenhower actually brought it back after he became president… and it's been going on since then,” Lanum said.

For the past two years though, the pandemic forced cancellation of the events at  both the White House and the Eisenhower home in Denison.

"We're just looking forward to having the community back out on site and being able to interact with everybody in Denison and the surrounding areas," Lanum said.

If shepherding along a painted egg isn't for you, the Eisenhower home at 609 South Lamar Avenue in Denison has more fun scheduled this Saturday.

"At 10 o'clock we'll be doing our Easter Egg hunts," Lanum said. "We have it divvied by age groups, so we'll have three different age groups. Children from 0 all the way up to 12 can participate.”