(KTEN) -- The National Weather Service is asking people to take a “safe place selfie” and post it to social media Wednesday, April 6 in an effort to raise awareness for having a severe weather plan. The campaign occurs as the country approaches peak tornado season into late April, May and June. 

Here’s how to participate: 

Step #1: Find your safe place.

The safest place in the event of a tornado is an underground shelter or above ground safe room. However, if one is not available, go to the lowest, most interior part of the building (interior hallway, bathroom, or closet) and cover your head. The idea is to be as far from windows, doors, and outside walls as possible. Close toe shoes and personal identification should also be brought with when sheltering. 



Step #2: Go to your safe place and snap a selfie! 

Grab your children, co-workers, pets, roommates, and take a selfie! Make sure everyone in your household or workplace knows where the safe place is and can get to it in the event of a tornado warning. 


Step #3: Post your selfie! 

Share your selfie with the #SafePlaceSelfieDay and challenge your friends and family to do the same. 

Our next chance for severe weather looks to be a multiple day event- April 11, 12, and 13. #SafePlaceSelfieDay is the perfect way to start preparing! 

When severe weather occurs action should not be delayed. Take the time today to review your severe weather safety plan. Be prepared, not scared.