GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Education Agency announced Tuesday that the funding formula for public schools across the state will be changed for the 2021-22 school year.

Texas public schools are ordinarily funded by daily average attendance rather than enrollment numbers. But due to the interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a change was made.

"Your state revenue is so much dependent upon attending," said Sherman Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Tyson Bennett. "Whenever we face those challenges and you have less students attending, then you lose that revenue or potentially lose that revenue, it's really good to have an opportunity to make that up."

Funding for the current school year will be based on the last normal school year without any pandemic interruptions.

"If our target attendance has fallen below what it was [in 2020] during that same time period, they are going to come up with the formula and they're going to implement that for us," said S&S Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Roger Reed. "There's nothing that we have to do other than just submit our application as normal."

If this change hadn't been made, Sherman ISD estimates it would lose a lot in state funding.

"Based on our attendance rate, it's impacted to the tune of about a million dollars in shortfall," Bennett said. "To have the ability to change that mechanism and make up for some of that lost funding, it's made a tremendous impact."