SHERWOOD SHORES, Texas (KTEN) — There is a lot of damage to deal with where tornadoes touched down on Monday evening.

"Really, the client is in a bigger hurry than we are," said State Farm insurance agent Jim McClure. "We've got up to a year to file a claim on a weather loss like that so, it's really to the client's advantage to get that claim filed as promptly as makes sense."

Sherwood Shores homeowner Benny Martin said he had no issues filing his insurance claim.

"I made a phone call and they set me up, and they asked if I could meet them out here," Martin said. "He came out here and brought a ladder, looked at my roof; I've got roof damage and then the three windows. And I'm the fortunate one out here; a lot of people have total losses."

A total loss of a home is devastating. It can be mentally and physically draining, especially trying to figure out where to go and what to do next.

"We need to help financially get you to someplace where you can live and eat in the meantime," McClure said. "We'll get you set up in some temporary housing, get you a place where you can get some food, get you some money so you can buy food."

McClure said contractors are one of the biggest choices storm victims are faced with.

"That's important that they find someone that they're comfortable with, that they're happy with their work, because they ultimately work for the client," he said.

Filing a claim should be as easy as making a phone call and either taking some photos or having someone assess the damage. After that, it's just going to take time for everything to come together.