(KTEN) — Oklahoma educators could be getting some more money in their pockets if a new legislative proposal is passed.

House Bill 3351, introduced by House Speaker Charles McCall (R-District 22), would let parents tip their child's teacher.

Here's how it works: Parents would have the opportunity to anonymously donate up to $1,000 to an account. The parents would receive a 100 percent tax credit for participating. 

The money would be paid as a bonus for the teacher. Educators wouldn't know who it came from, and would receive the money at the end of the school year.

McCall believes this is a way for parents to express their appreciation in a tangible way.

"This kind of goes in hand with the two historical pay raises that I've shepherded through the Oklahoma Legislature," McCall said. "It's just another way to compensate teachers for great performance."

The credits would be capped at a total of $5 million per year. 

McCall stresses the importance parents remaining anonymous. The contributions would first go to the school, which would distribute them to the eligible teachers.

HB 3551 was passed by the House Wednesday in a 71-24 vote. It will now be considered by the Oklahoma Senate.