SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Donald Trump, exiled from established social media platforms for inciting violence more than a year ago, has just released his own online platform called Truth Social.

The twice-impeached former president said everyone can speak freely on Truth Social, which is similar in structure to Twitter and offered as an alternative to other social media outlets. 

Kevin Couch, founder of Sherman-based advertising agency CBC Creative, said some people who use different forms of social media are not seeing what they want to see.

"You saw certain things happen that did not sit well for you as a user, and that's just a natural course of action," Couch said. "Whenever something happens that doesn't sit well with us as people, we move on to the next thing."

Couch adds this will be an issue Facebook will need to address as it gets more competition in the online marketplace.

Truth Social already has a waiting list for applicants, saying it is "working to increase the rate of new account creation." Its app is currently available only for Apple devices, with an Android app "coming soon."

The Washington Post calculated that Donald Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims during his presidency and before launching Truth Social.