DAVIS, Okla. (KTEN) — Davis police are releasing details about a Tuesday altercation that left one Murray County woman injured and another under arrest.

Detective Seth Kemper said the suspect, Macy Busby, was booked into the county jail on a variety of charges.

"Shooting with intent to kill; assault and battery with a deadly weapon; placing bodily fluids on a government employee," he said.

Davis police responded to a "shots fired" call Tuesday afternoon in a neighborhood adjacent to Green Hill Cemetery.

"There was no physical altercation with the officers originally. Then the armed suspect began to flee.

"We were more worried about the victim at that point in time," Kemper said. "Once the victim was taken care of, they then apprehended the suspect."

Although no one was hurt by gunfire, police said Busby did attempt to shoot her victim, bringing with it a charge of "shooting with intent to kill."

"An eyewitness statement at the time heard something that came out of the suspect's mouth that led to that," Kemper said.

After being placed in the back of the police unit, officers said Busby began spitting on them — another felony charge.

"She's booked in the Murray County Jail on tribal charges," Kemper said, adding that the victim is in  stable condition.