SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — A dozen candidates for a variety of offices debated at the Grayson County Courthouse Monday night in front of hundreds of interested voters.

Incumbent Precinct 4 Commissioner Bart Lawrence discussed qualifications for the office.

"We need people with experience, vision, and a portfolio of great relationships," he said.

Lawrence's challenger, Matt Hardenburg, did not attend the debate.

In Precinct 2, the candidates agree on one thing: Infrastructure.

"There's some bridges that need to be inspected that probably haven't been inspected in years," said E.V. Harlan.

"If you want to fix a road, you need to clear the ditches so that water can get off the road," added Jeffery Austin.

Art Arthur, the third candidate in the Precinct 2 race, was standing up for law enforcement, saying just because there isn't funding for a new jail doesn't mean the current one should suffer.

"If you've not been in that jail, it could be pretty easy to make it priority number one, but we've got to look out for the taxpayers," Arthur said.

Voters remained at the forum for hours to hear from the two candidates for County Judge: Incumbent Bill Magers and challenger Bruce Dawsey, Sherman's Assistant Police Chief.

"It's easy to say, 'This business came and there was nothing there before it, and so the tax revenue we get from that will help pay for growth," Dawsey said.

Magers reminded constituents about what he's done to earn their trust.

"We need to have leadership that's prepared to lead... leadership with fiscal responsibility and discipline," he said.

Another thing all candidates agreed on: Finding a way to balance growth while maintaining the quality of life, putting a focus on those farmers and ranchers the county thrives on.