SULPHUR, Okla. (KTEN) — The Sulphur Public Schools Board of Education has approved plans for a $35 million bond issue to pay for new and improved facilities.

Superintendent Matt Holder said the project is long overdue.

"It's a proposal to build a new gymnasium, auditorium, career center as well as remodeling our agriculture education building," he said.

School officials started working on the renovation plans about a year ago. The school board's approval puts them one step closer to starting construction; the next step is up to the people of Sulphur.

"It will take 60 percent of voters to approve it, so its a super majority vote, which means most of our community will need to be supportive of this," Holder said. "I think it's something both our community and kids deserve."

Sulphur resident Donna Perhus said she thinks approval of the bond issue is a must.

"Our kids need an education, and they need it in decent rooms," she said. "As far as the gym and auditorium, it is just so old, and it needs to be updated. I think the community should support that for the children here."

Holder believes the plan would benefit students and the town's economy.

"We've tried to touch every kid that comes through Sulphur Public Schools, and that is really the goal for this — to be something that touches everybody," Holder said. "I think it's a historic event for Sulphur as a community, as well being an economic development driver."

The school bond issue will go up for a vote on the April 5 ballot, the same day as the Sulphur municipal election.