(KTEN) – What a busy start to February in Texas and Oklahoma! The Sooner State and the Lone Star State saw almost every kind of winter weather possible on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Rain and freezing rain began to fall as early as mid-day Wednesday. The freezing rain eventually transitioned to sleet by Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Once the warm layer in the upper levels was eroded and dropped below freezing, the sleet was able to transition to snow across Texoma.

The warm layer was eroded faster in our northern Texoma counties. This means that snow was able to start falling sooner and corresponds to where our highest snow totals were observed. 

Closer to the Red River, the freezing rain and sleet fell for a longer period of time, resulting in higher ice accumulations and lower snowfall totals.


So far, six to eight inches of snow were reported in Pontotoc county. Pauls Valley, Sulphur, and Ardmore as well as the surrounding areas saw approximately four to six inches of snow accumulation. 

Reports of three to four inches of snow from Marietta to Atoka and into Pittsburg county. Grayson, Fannin, Bryan, Choctaw, and Pushmataha counties reported approximately one to two inches of snow.

Snow was not the only thing that fell the last few days. Under the layer of snow is the layer of ice from when the event first began. 

Fannin County saw the most ice accumulation. Bonham reported 0.75 inches of ice with Leonard reporting 0.10 inches. On top of the ice, Bonham measured 2.2 inches of snow. Power outages were widespread in Fannin County Wednesday night into Thursday due to the ice accumulation on trees and powerlines. 

Sherman reported 0.25 inches of ice with 1.5 inches of snow layered on top. Gainesville measured 0.10 inches of sleet. As of now, ice accumulation reports have only been verified in our North Texas counties.









Texoma wasn’t the only region experiencing winter weather this week. Check out how much of the United States is covered in snow!


As of Friday, February 4, approximately half of the United States was covered in snow. In January 2022, about 47 percent of the country had snow accumulation. At this time last year, only 39 percent of the country was covered in snow. 

Sunshine returns for the weekend and afternoon temperatures reach above freezing over the next several days.