SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Grayson County celebrated the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Monday as Austin College hosted its 18th annual event honoring the American civil rights icon.

"To remember that as a community and nation, we are far greater in being united and together as a people, rather than living in constraint confined to our political and/or religious ideologies," said student speaker Clemon White.

Dr. King was a leading advocate for integrated education.

"It's an integral part of informing your world view and expanding your world view and being able to go out into the world and view others as equals," White said.

And while it's now been almost 54 years since King was assassinated in Memphis, his words and deeds continue to resonate across the nation.

"We saw, you know, the youth a couple of summers ago in the streets, demanding social responsibility as it related to our criminal justice system," said keynote speaker Carllos Lassiter. "I think his message in social activism is still alive... more so in our youth today."

Lassiter added that there's work to be done to address racial injustice.

"If all of us unify and put aside our differences and work together as human beings, there's so much more that we can accomplish as a nation and as a world than being divided," he said.