MADILL, Okla. (KTEN) — Her name is Lucky... because she's lucky to be alive, lucky to have been found.

After a few days in the cold and rain, a friend called Kathy Germany to come to the pup's rescue. She's the founder of Southern Oklahoma Animal Resources.

"She was with another dog that had been killed and they said, 'I think she's been shot,'" Germany recalled.

Germany and Scott Sutherland have been rescuing dogs and cats for more than a decade.

"A little old lady, she lived in a van without running water and had 115 dogs," Sutherland explained. "We went out there and got them all — about 90 of them — spayed and neutered."

Some furry friends stuck around. Others were nursed back to health and adopted.

But Lucky needed a little extra care.

"She can do everything; her tail wags, her head moves," Germany said. "But these bullet fragments are causing her not to be able to stand up."

Lucky even ate dinner by herself for the first time when we were there on Wednesday night.

She's getting co-laser treatment to help with blood flow, which donations are helping to fund. But it's money that shouldn't have to be spent.

"It's a felony to shoot a dog with an unprovoked reason," Kingston police Sgt. Kasey Cox said. "We treat it like a human case; we need to be the voice for them."

This isn't the first time a Texoma dog has been shot in the last month, but if you can't keep your pet, there are resources for you.

"There's much more humane ways to euthanize your pet rather than shooting it," Sutherland said. "And that's just uncalled for."

Germany said Lucky already has a home lined up for when she recovers.

You can donate to Southern Oklahoma Animal Resources at the Dollar General in Madill, Watts Funeral Home, or mail donations to:

1691 North 1st Street
Madill, Oklahoma 73446-2284