MARIETTA, Okla., (KTEN) — Marietta High School has received a K20 grant, which will be used partially to purchase video production equipment for a new educational project. 

“The Tomahawk Talk class is just another way to say 'journalism,' in a way," explained sophomore Jason Landis. 

After seeing a rising interest in the media industry, the high school started offering the video production class. 

"We switched to an eight-period schedule in order to offer more career-type classes,” said Principal Adam Sherfield. “To teach video production, editing — all of that stuff. We’ve had kids that went into that at Southern Tech, and I think we have a lot of kids that are tech-savvy.” 

Nearly half of the $30,000  grant went towards hands-on learning.

"We recently received these studio lights, giant ring lights, and a new Macbook to help edit our videos once they are recorded and get proper lighting in and green screens,” Landis said.  “It’s an extremely great class, and the teacher, Mrs. Manley, is an amazing teacher.” 

K20 grants are designed to prepare students for careers after high school. 

"They will get us programs that will help kids look at different colleges and careers through paid subscriptions and things like that, so it's been really good for us and our kids," Sherfield said.  

In past years, funds went towards things like iPads and Kindle tablets for students.