ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) – If you ordered some last-minute gifts in Ardmore, instead of thanking Santa, you might want to thank the Chamber of Commerce, which sought help from Fenix Construction to make sure more than 200 boxes got to their recipients.

Bill Murphy came into work a little early with some doughnuts. But when he got there, he saw two pallets full of Amazon boxes.

‘At first I thought maybe we had some end of year mass purchases, but clearly recognized that they were destined for other houses,” Murphy said.

They called Amazon customer service to move the boxes… no luck. 

“We were concerned that these people needed to get their packages by Christmas Day,” Chamber president Mita Bates said.

They called the post office, but they didn’t have a forklift.

Luckily, Chamber officials knew someone who does,

“I was sitting in the trailer working on some stuff and they just asked me if we had a forklift and I said, ‘Yeah, we have a forklift’,” Fenix Construction superintendent Jason Byrd said. “And she said, “Well can you look out your back window?'  So I looked out my back window and they had a couple of pallets from Amazon just dropped off there.”

With the help of Fenix Construction, this team of do-gooders began to save Christmas.

“We consider ourselves pretty instrumental as Santa’s elves, because each pallet had, I think they said 130 packages, so a total of over 250 packages just for people in Ardmore.”

While Santa will be heading to every house around the world, the forklift didn’t have to go that far.

“Just drove them down the road about two blocks, drop them off at the post office,” Byrd said.

Thanks to a little creativity, the Grinch won’t steal this Christmas.