DORCHESTER, Texas (KTEN) — We're learning more about plans for Black Mountain Dorchester, a proposed cement plant and limestone quarry. The company wants to build in this small Grayson County town southwest of Sherman.

Fifteen days ago, when KTEN first reported on the plans for this plant, KTEN filed a public records request with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to get more information. KTEN received those records Tuesday afternoon.

The application for the plant was submitted on November 8 by Black Mountain, and the public notice was provided ten days later. It proposes a 660 acre cement plant along FM 902.

This map shows there are homes on the property line, and First Baptist Dorchester is also on the perimeter of the proposed property.


The application says the facility would including mining for limestone from an on-site quarry by drilling and blasting.

There are about a dozen more steps until the final product is made, including the use of a kiln.

All of the circles in the chart below are what contaminants will be emitted during each process. The most common pollutants include carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and sulfur dioxide.


An environmental investigator with TCEQ noted in the site review regarding the air permits filed for by Black Mountain Dorchester that the nuisance and odor potential of this site is a high risk, and added:

"The site's operations will be located near a church, a business, and rural residential properties. The impact of potential nuisance conditions affecting these sensitive receptors should be

The application for this proposed plant is available for public view at the Howe Library. County and city officials have retained legal counsel to help keep the plant from coming to Grayson County.