ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Oklahoma's first "green" hydrogen plant is coming to Ardmore.

The Ardmore Development Authority announced Tuesday they struck a deal with Australian energy company Woodside Energy to build the facility.

The company said Ardmore was the right spot because of its proximity to major highways. The 94 acres they bought from the development authority is just west of Interstate 35.

Aside from its central location in the U.S., Oklahoma's Hydrogen Task Force said the state has business-friendly tax and incentive structures, likely drawing Woodside in even more.

Green hydrogen has been called the "Fuel of the Future."

"They're actually going to create hydrogen by splitting the molecules out of water," explained ADA president Mita Bates. "They will be using 100 percent renewable energy to do that, so that makes it a green hydrogen project."

One of the state's goals is to harness renewable energy in multiple ways.

"It started several years ago when we did the wind energy push, so we have that space and renewables,” Bates said. “We are now very well recognized for our space in solar, and so this is actually one of the next steps."

Not only will the green hydrogen plant be a win for the state, but it will boost Ardmore's economy.

"The employment numbers 80 to 100 people, but these are high-skilled jobs and well-paying jobs," Bates said.

OG+E is solidly behind the Woodside Energy project, which is expected to generate up to 90 tons of the clean fuel every day.

"This is a major economic development with a ripple effect of new jobs, more consumer spending, and attracting new residents,” the utility firm said in a written statement.

The Development Authority is expecting Woodside to begin hydrogen production in 2025. The gas will be used to fuel heavy duty trucks, warehouse forklifts, and other industrial equipment.