FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — If you're looking for a Christmas tree, you might want to start thinking about it now... especially if you want a live tree this holiday season.

Supply shortages issues are now impacting Christmas trees, but supply chain issues aren't the only factor.

The Bois D'Arc Christmas Tree Farm in Fannin County has been growing trees since 2016. After getting that tree in the ground, it takes about 5 to 6 years for it to grow big enough to sell.

February's winter storm and all of the rain during the spring helped those Christmas trees out quite a bit, but during the summer, there were about 3 months with no rainfall.

"It was a little brutal this year," said Maryse Laurin, the farm's owner. "We lost a whole crop due to lack of rain ... over the past years, I've never had to water my trees; they've just grown really well. But this year, we lost about 800 trees because of the drought."

"We plant every year," added Gary Steinbrenner, another owner of the Bois D'Arc farm. "We put between 600 to 1,000 trees in the ground, so we have them grow in a series ... We had all varieties, some smaller ones, but a lot of larger ones also died."

As for artificial Christmas trees, Lowe's told KTEN it has ordered more inventory this year to prepare for an anticipated high demand.

Some Texomans we spoke to already have their bases covered.

"We use the same tree that we set up last year and probably will for many years," Tony Smithson said. "I'm glad that we've got it all ready to go."

But those who don't have a tree yet are advised to plan ahead.

"We'll have less to sell this year; we'll have to keep some for next year," Laurin said.

The Bois D'Arc Christmas Tree Farm in Telephone, Texas, opens the day after Thanksgiving and will have about 150 trees for sale.