"It feels like yesterday they were in middle school and now they're about to graduate," said Dale Rhodes.

Denison football will take the field Thursday for their final home game, but there will be a special bond shared by six guys on the staff and team. This year the Yellow Jackets have not one, not two but three sets of father/son duos.

"We can all relate and you know having a dad as a coach it's actually kind of cool. We all talk about it. It brings us together a lot too," said Trey Rhodes, Denison senior receiver.

"It's funny, I haven't really thought about the fact that there are three coaches, and with Vinney Rhodes there's four with a 9th grader coming up," said John Heavner, Denison's Tight Ends Coach.

The expectations are definitely higher but overall I wouldn't trade it for anything else," said Will Wallis, Denison Senior Middle Linebacker.

The pairs say they've had their fair share of challenges but the memories made far outlast the struggles.

"My favorite memory would be watching him score his first touchdown his sophomore year at Princeton. I probably ran the the whole 60 yards with him on the sideline," said Dale Rhodes.

"When we upset Frisco my sophomore year, you know just being able to share that moment with him and everybody else, all the other seniors on here, that's probably the best,"said Will Wallis.

"It was a 10-7 game and one of those moments where he played really good, the defense played really good and it was just exciting for everybody," said Todd Wallis.

While their time playing at Munson might be ending, their relationships have only gotten stronger.

"I've got to kind of walk that fine line of being a dad and a coach but he'll always be my son," said Todd Wallis.

"You know the things that I think about more isn't really the football part of it but the time we've got to spend together," said John Heavner.