ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Bigfoot investigators are spread out all across the Sooner State. And when someone thinks they've seen a Sasquatch... well, who you gonna call?

The Native Oklahoma Bigfoot Research Organization has been documenting sightings of the elusive creature going back to the 1950s, but the beast has reportedly been around for longer than that.

So NOBRO presented its evidence Tuesday at Ada's Public Library for enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

"There's other organizations that have collected sighting reports in Oklahoma since the early 1900s," said Bigfoot investigator Evans Bailey.

The group has documented one report in Love County and two in Johnston County.

But the most fascinating piece of evidence was found about 75 miles northeast of Hugo.

"There were some [footprints] in the mud; there were also some where it walked up the dry bank," Bailey said. "We've got photographs of that, but he went ahead and cast the best print there in the mud."

NOBRO's Ada meeting featured a local Bigfoot researcher and author, and Bailey encouraged questions and first-hand reports.

So if you see something suspicious trekking through the woods and you think it might be Bigfoot, give NOBRO a call.