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DENISON, Texas — A Texoma organization called Flags for Warriors presented a specialized flag to the Grayson County Sheriff's Office to honor fallen Investigator Dusty Wainscott.

We caught up with Flags for Warriors president and CEO Boyd Mayo to learn about their mission.

Boyd Mayo has been making wooden flags for a while, but Flags for Warriors as a non-profit has only been around for a few months.

They build hand-crafted wooden flags for first responders, their families and their agencies to honor their service and sacrifice.

Mayo said his Facebook feed was flooded with tributes to Grayson County Sheriff's Office Investigator Dusty Wainscott, who died in the line of duty last month. So the decision to make this flag was easy.

"It's a really specific and focused mission," Mayo said. "It was a local thing, and we want to be able to support local."

Wainscott was fondly remembered by his alma mater, his agency, and a community full of people whose lives he had touched.

"Even the sheriff himself, when we presented the flag to the sheriff's office, they had nothing but very good things to say about him... spoke very highly of him," Mayo said. "Everybody was saying really great things about him. Just a really good person, a really good law enforcement officer."

Flags for Warriors hopes that these families and agencies know there is a program out there that is committed to providing them with a lasting artifact that can be used as emotional support in knowing their loved ones will never be forgotten.

"It was never about money, never about recognition; it was about giving back to the people that serve our communities and risk their lives," Mayo said.