BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — Violent weather on Sunday night left thousands in the dark across Texoma as power lines toppled.

Almost 3,800 homes and businesses lost power overnight in Grayson County, with another 1,300 blacked out in Fannin County.

Utility workers worked through the night to restore electrical service, with all but several dozen customers still cut off as of late Monday afternoon.

Sunday's storm storm also caused damage beyond power outages.

"We knew the weather was coming in, but my husband had already gone to bed," said Peggy Burt of Bonham. "I was sitting at the window and I started hearing it rain really hard and the wind blowing; but then, all a sudden, it sounded like major hail hitting."

That sound was a big tree toppling onto Burt's house and carport on 12th Street.

Luckily, the damage was not as bad as Burt thought when she first looked outside. 

"It doesn't look like anything has sustained damage except for this end of the carport," she said. 

Just down the street, Wesley Rosenbaum's home lost power unexpectedly when a tree collapsed, just missing his house. 

"It sounded like something hit the house, and then my girlfriend was screaming, 'The house is on fire!'" he said. "[It] knocked the electrical line down because it was shooting sparks."

Bonham resident Frances Greer was fortunate to not lose power, but on Monday she was dealing with other storm-related damages. 

"My niece woke me up and told me, 'There's a tree on your car,' and I said, 'No not really, forget it; no there's not.' And she said, 'Yeah, there's a tree on your car!' Sure enough, there was a tree on my car," Greer said. 

Now she's worried how long it will take for her insurance to get her back on the road.

"We have to do video, chat conference, on the phone to get my insurance company to come out here and do this, to even get an estimate of what it's going to cost me to fix it," Greer said.