OKLAHOMA (KTEN) -- According to Chickasaw code, it's against the law to be in possession of a controlled dangerous substance, or CDS, unless you have a valid prescription.

An Ardmore attorney says he was contacted about two weeks ago by a client who was arrested for possession of marijuana even though he provided his OMMA card.

Jason May said his client was placed in jail for three days and now faces prosecution.

“He was driving, he was pulled over for a traffic violation. The Lighthorse Police officer asked him if he had any drugs or weapons in the car. My client volunteered that he did have medical marijuana,” May said. “He produced the marijuana as well as his medical marijuana card and at that point, he was placed under arrest.”

According to that Chickasaw code, violators of this law can face up to $15,000 in fines, three years in jail... or both.

A statement received Wednesday from the Chief Counsel says, "Licensed medical marijuana card holders will not be arrested or prosecuted unless they are in violation of state law as well as tribal law.”

We haven't been able to confirm when that Chickasaw statement was drafted or when the policy was implemented.