BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — The Bryan County towns of Calera and Kenefic are getting a combined $347,000 to help address infrastructure concerns.

The Choctaw Development Fund was created a few years ago. Applicants must apply for the grant, and then the Choctaw Nation decides where the funds are directed.

Both Kenefic (population 156) and Calera (population 2,741) were recipients this year. 

Calera's public works director said the town gets $145,000 of the total, with plans to use the funds to upgrade its wastewater facility.

Kenefic's portion is $202,000, which will be used to address a critical problem in the town: Water.

"We're rehabbing two different wells trying to get them where we run simultaneously and improve pressure there," explained water superintendent Billy D. Smith. "Pressure is above minimum, but it's still low. We'll rehab the tower."

Smith said Kenefic does occasionally run low on water, and these projects help ensure a reliable supply.