JOHNSTON COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) -- A Johnston County property owner noticed some tire tracks cutting through grass he hadn't driven through before.

Originally thinking there was a secret marijuana grow farm, he called the sheriff.

But the goal was something else entirely: Trees.

The thieves thought they struck gold. A single pecan or walnut tree log can reel in about $7,000 from the right buyer.

But suspects Brandon Stephens and John Johnston didn't count on the landowners catching them in the act… or on deputies swooping in to arrest them.

Thanks to a tip on a stolen car, the sheriff's office was able to track down the thieves.

"We actually encountered Mr. Stephens at the residence where the stolen vehicle was recovered from," said Johnston County Sheriff Gary Dodd. "He was placed under arrest for the stolen vehicle, and subsequently for the burglary to the property.”

Then, the sheriff's department caught a break when the other suspect drove by, noticed them, and sped off.

"We were able to take him into custody a short time later after he tried to evade us through town,” Dodd said.

The suspects left a tractor, truck, and trailer tucked away on the property… which means they could have been planning to return.

"If you have property and you don't live there, it might behoove you to go out there and check your property and check your trees,” Dodd said.

The sheriff's office believes these wannabe lumberjacks were looking for some cash to get drugs.

"They're criminals. These people are crooks,” Dodd said. “They would rather go out and steal from you and me to get their money as opposed to going out and getting an honest job. And we're just not going to let that happen."