DENISON, Texas (KTEN) -- On April 21, John Palmer's world turned upside-down.

He and his wife Katie were taking an early morning walk in their Denison neighborhood when they were struck and seriously injured by a pickup truck driven by a man identified by police as Cory Foster.

Katie, 39, died the next day.

"His words were that he stayed up drinking whiskey the night before," John Palmer said. "He also told the DPS officer that he probably shouldn't have been driving because of the condensation."

Palmer testified before a Grayson County grand jury for more than three hours Wednesday to demand justice for his wife.

The jury declined to indict Foster for manslaughter.

Sobriety tests concluded that the pickup truck's driver was not intoxicated. Investigators determined that the cause for the crash was the sun in Foster's eyes and condensation on his vehicle's windshield.

Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore released this statement following the grand jury's decision:

The Grand Jury was provided all the information we had during three hours of testimony, including testimony from the expert we hired, and deliberated for an hour. They obviously worked hard on this case and struggled with the decision of whether the facts rose to the level of criminal negligence. That is an enormous responsibility. This is a tragic, horrible incident. I cannot imagine the pain John and his family have endured. Our hearts go out to them."

"I was numb. I was hollow. I guess that's kind of what injustice feels like," John Palmer said.

Friends and family members demanded justice for Katie Palmer outside the Grayson County Courthouse on August 19, 2020.

"I have to do what I think Katie would do for me or any of us," said Rhonda Nail, Katie's mother. "I owe it to her kids and her husband to be firmly in their corner with them."

"This is a tragic, horrible incident," said Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore in a written statement. "

Even weeks after Katie's death, John waited for her to come back.

"I was still injured. I hurdled up and down our driveway. I was waiting for her to walk back. I was waiting for her to look over. I was waiting for her to come over the hill. I was waiting to see her, like she always did, waiting for her to come back. She never came back. The only time she came back to our house was in a box," Palmer said.

Katie Palmer will be remembered for everything that made her who she is.

"She was an all-around all-star science teacher, friend... I mean, we did everything together," Nail said.