If you watch us using a cable or satellite box or via a streaming service, no action on your part is necessary.

But... if you view KTEN, ABC 10 and The CW Texoma using an over-the-air antenna, rescan your TV tuner NOW.

At midnight Sunday, our broadcast signal moved from UHF Channel 26 to UHF Channel 17. If you watch our programs using an antenna, our channels will not be available on your TV set until you perform a simple rescan of your digital tuner so your television knows where to find us. 

After you successfully rescan your TV tuner, we'll still appear as Channels 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 on your screen, but we'll have a stronger and more reliable signal.

Need help aiming your antenna? Here's where KTEN's transmitter is located:

If you need more help to receive our signal, click here and enter your address for an interactive map.