SHERMAN, Texas -- Grayson County is taking precautions after "statewide, coordinated cyber-attacks" infected more than 20 government agencies across Texas.

The county shut down all government computer systems on Friday evening; public Wi-Fi was turned off at the courthouse.

"We did a cost-benefit analysis and decided that the risk simply wasn't worth it with the potential damage that could be done to the county and to its infrastructure," County Judge Bill Magers explained.

Most of the systems affected in Friday's ransomware attack were operated by small, local government agencies.

All suspended services in Grayson County were restored by late Monday afternoon.

"The problem is, we are connected to a lot of other local governments, and we're connected to other agencies," explained Emergency Management Director Sarah Somers. "All of those connections is a place where we might be a little more vulnerable than we usually would be."

Somers said the county disconnected from some of the usual forms of communication after the alert; for example, they couldn't email you, receive e-filings, issue birth, death or marriage records, or receive web-based inquiries.

"We have a responsibility to maintain the justice system, to maintain the jail, to maintain your ability to call 911," Somers said.