Texoma singer makes a splash on The Voice

[image] Hugo, Oklahoma, native Trey Rose performs on The Voice. (Tyler Golden/NBC)

PARIS, Texas -- Texoma is known far and wide for its musical talent, from Blake Shelton to Reba McEntire.

But now, up-and-coming artist Trey Rose is joining their ranks after getting national exposure on the stage of NBC's The Voice.

Rose, a native of Hugo, Oklahoma, said his life has been a whirlwind since his Blind Audition aired on Monday's broadcast. He said none of it would have been possible if it wasn't for the Texoma community that jump-started his career 10 years ago on a much smaller stage tucked in the corner of a train depot in Paris, Texas.

"It was open mic night that my dad snuck me into," he explained. "The owner says, 'You have two songs, and you have to get off the stage,' and I remember closing my eyes and strumming a chord and singing a line and everything going silent. And at the moment I realized, 'This is for me.'

The manager ended up letting Rose play until the bar closed that night, becoming his first of many live concerts throughout Texoma.

"Every place in Paris is Trey's home bar," said manager Chris Gunn. "That's just who he is he is: Everyone's friend."

Gunn has been guiding Rose's career since he was 17, watching him grow into the artist he is today.

"It's like seeing your little brother hit a home run after hitting a thousand balls to the fence," Gunn said. "He's worked really, really hard to get to this point."

And that hard work is paying off after turning the chairs of both Adam Levine and fellow Oklahoman Blake Shelton, who served as Rose's role model.

"He's from Ada;  that was a huge thing for me as a kid growing up," Rose said. "Here's a guy 45 minutes down the road from me making it work."

"I envision you playing stadiums, just like Jimmy Buffett," Shelton told him.

And Trey Rose even shed a tear, remembering the years his family and friends stood by him. Now they are rooting for him on his musical journey.

"I am super lucky and super thankful to everyone in Texoma, my hometown of Hugo, Paris, Texas... just thank you so much, and I am just out here trying to make you guys proud."

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