DAVIS, Okla. -- Davis Public Schools issued a terse statement Thursday afternoon acknowledging a report of an inappropriate relationship between a student and a teacher.

"The district is currently cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation of these allegations," the unsigned statement said. "The teacher in question is no longer employed by Davis Schools."

The district said it would have no further comment "because of the ongoing criminal investigation and the confidentiality rights of the parties involved."

But court records show 35-year-old Cassandra White and a 16-year-old high school sophomore filed for a marriage license on Wednesday.

That teen's father signed a consent form for the marriage.

Davis police said they are conducting a serious and thorough investigation.

The Davis Public Schools Sexual Harassment of Students Policy makes it clear that student-teacher relationships are taboo.

Any romantic or sexual affiliation between school personnel and students, including students who have reached the age of majority (18) during school hours will have a negative impact on the educational process and shall constitute a violation and suspension or termination for the employee.

Any sexual affiliation between teachers and students under the age of 18 may constitute a crime under state or federal law.