DAVIS, Okla. -- Two friends went for a pre-dawn swim at Turner Falls Park early Wednesday morning. One of them went missing and was later found dead.

Davis police Chief Dan Cooper said 34-year-old Orlando Guerrero of Hurst, Texas had been camping at the park when he and a friend entered the Falls Swimming Area, which was closed. The friend called Davis Police for help at 2:29 a.m. after losing track of Guerrero.

Davis fire and police personnel, with help from Murray County EMS, searched the surrounding area. Guerrero was found in the water about 90 minutes later and could not be revived.

"Just pure assumption is that with the floor of the pool being so uneven, he must have just slipped and fell," Chief Cooper said.

Park manager Billy Standerford said the facility is doing everything it can to make sure visitors are safe.

"We have put out numerous signs all over the park," he said. "We try not to clutter the park with signs and taking away from the natural beauty, but we try to put out enough information there that will keep the public safe."

Standerford explained that the topography of the park and the rocks in the creek make it dangerous to swim at times outside permitted hours.

"This is an active water stream," he said. "It does have a current; the bottom is very unlevel. It's not like a normal swimming pool."

But he added that the Turner Falls Park family regrets the tragedy that unfolded early Wednesday morning.

"It's always a tough deal when we go through something like that," Standerford said. "I know it's really tough on the families, and it's actually tough on the personnel here."

Police said Guerrero may have had one or two beers before he went swimming, but they have no reason to believe his death was caused by alcohol consumption.