MARSHALL CO., OK -- A national crime has made its way into a Texoma jail system.

"It's very aggravating to know that somebody has been posing as you and your company, trying to scam people out of money," bail bondsman J.J. Self says.

J.J. Self owns a bail bond company with her husband in Marshall County.

She says she became aware of the scam after one of their clients contacted them.

"He said you called my wife and said you needed 1,000 more dollars to ensure that our son stay out of jail and my husband said no, I didn't call you," Self says.

But unfortunately by the time they figured it out, the money was already gone; the first of five victims in Marshall County, in just one week.

When we asked the Oklahoma Insurance Department exactly how common this kind of scam was, they said they've received multiple complaints in 4 different Oklahoma counties in the past week.

"They are threatening to revoke bonds and go pick up their loved one and go put them back in jail if their money is not sent," Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer says.

Undersheriff Cryer says he believes because of a spy ware error, the scammers are able to retrieve the inmate’s book in logs, which contains all of their personal information.

"I’m thinking that somebody’s computer at somebody’s sheriff’s office somewhere has a virus or some type of spy ware, where they are pulling this information off a state base but I can’t guarantee that," Cryer says.