ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA-- Going green, usually brings recycling or money to mind... but for some, medical marijuana is first in line.

"This is not about people just out here getting high, this is about medical," Coordinator Linda Aldridge said. 

Many Texomans spent their Thursday supporting the signature campaign, "Green the Vote," in Oklahoma petitioning the legalization of medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

"We are overlooking a great resource tool for doctors," Rachel Bartgis said. 

The campaign has been given 90 days state wide to get 130,000 signatures to make it on this years ballot.

One of the seven chapters in the state was set up in Ardmore  at Tim's Grocery, asking for autographs to add to the numbers. 

"I wouldn't be surprised if we did it before that," Aldridge said. 

Supporters say they're passionate about the therapeutic medicinal benefits, and hope to get rid of some of their prescription drugs in the near future.

"It's not the teenagers that we're talking about here, it's people that would really benefit from having a legalized medicine, unlike the ones in my purse that cause liver damage and everything else," Bartgis said. 

 Others say, it raises some concern...

"It can help people that are in need of it, but I also believe that it is a gateway drug to other drugs," Josh Slater said. 

They say last year Governor Mary Fallon didn't approve the petition to be on the ballot due to some bad signatures.

Petitioners must be clear as registered voters.

Cory Cox says he has many friends who are veterans, and medical marijuana has helped their PTSD. 

"Every year there's several several thousands of deaths that were related to alcohol and prescription drugs, if you go back and look at the statistics you will never see that with marijuana," Cox said. 

"Green the Vote" has  a Facebook page and media presence with hash tag #greenthevote.