Pick-up trucks top list of most stolen vehicles in Texas


SHERMAN -- Like many Texans, Julio Torres loves his trucks.

He owns several but he doesn't just drive them, he also likes to rebuild them in the garage of his Sherman home.

"I just like everything about them. I like to fix them up, add rims, paint them," he said.

Living in Texas, Torres says owning a truck is a way of life, but also convenient for hauling around his stuff. But apparently, he's not the only one who thinks so. Turns out, trucks are a top target for thieves.

According to a new report by the Texas Department of Public Safety, pick-ups hold the top three spots when it comes to the most stolen vehicles in Texas:

1. Ford pick-ups
2. Chevrolet pick-ups
3. Dodge pick-ups
4. Honda Civic 
5. Chevrolet Tahoe
6. Honda Accord
7. GMC pick-up
8. Chevrolet Impala
9. Toyota Camry
10. Ford Taurus

Katheryn Dodson is with the Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority, a Dallas-based task force that works with law enforcement statewide to reduce auto theft.

"The Ford F-series is also the #1 sold in the US so that also plays a role in it being the #1 stolen in the state of Texas," she said.

Dodson says overall, auto theft is down in Texas, but because of the popularity of trucks in the Lonestar State, she says, often times they're stolen and stripped for parts.

"The parts are in high demand everywhere across the state of Texas," she said.

Dodson says nearly half of all vehicles reported stolen in Texas had their doors unlocked so she says remember to lock them when you get out is a major deterrent for criminals.

As for Torres, he says he rarely locks his doors. But after learning about the list he says that could change, especially if it means reducing the risk of having one of his trucks stolen.

"I would be devastated," he said. 

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