General Sales Manager

Paul Rossi has over 40 years broadcast experience.

He has worked in New York, Providence RI, Burlington VT, Raleigh NC, Salt Lake City UT, Longview TX, Norfolk VA, Ada/Sherman.

Paul started in research, but spent most of his career in sales selling NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, MyNet, WB & independent stations.

His research has given him a broad insight into ratings & his sales experience has helped him gain a greater perspective into what local stations can do for businesses.

KTEN offers advertisers a voice into the community. Broadcasting is a reach medium & KTEN can offer clients the ability to reach these viewers with great frequency. If you allow us to meet with you & discuss your goals & needs we can drill down & identify which programs you need to be associated with & put together a schedule that will reach your target audience for pennies per household.

"In an economy that is struggling it is imperative that every dollar spent to improve a business is not wasted. Allow us to show you how to make the greatest impact you can with your advertising schedule.The thing that bothers me is during times of economic crisis, businesses cut their advertising budget first. They often feel they cannot measure their results & they treat it like a luxury and not a necessity. I don't know who said it but I remember this poignant statement, "The person who cuts their advertising budget to save money is similar to someone turning back the hands on a clock to save time.""

You can reach Paul by calling him at 903-548-4009 or by sending him an email at [email protected]