SEMINOLE, PONTOTOC COUNTIES--An Ada woman is dead after reportedly overdosing on a new designer drug. The man accused of giving it to her is behind bars.

Twenty year-old Cody Weddle was arraigned Monday on a probable cause affidavit and denied bail. He's accused of supplying the new designer drug 2C-E at a party on the 13000 block of Highway 9A in Konawa, OK. Weddle was arrested at a hospital in Ada over the weekend when he was visiting one of the victims. 

Twenty two year-old Stacy Marie Jewell died from reportedly taking the drug. Her mother is devastated.

"But I told her I said, 'Stacy, you haven't taken any,' and she goes, 'momma you know me. I don't even smoke pot. I don't want it here," Linda Beckman said, Jewell's mother.  

Law enforcement says eight people were intoxicated when they arrived at the scene. Seven were given medical treatment. According to an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Press Release from Saturday, two remain in critical condition. Stacy Marie Jewell was the only one who died.

**2C-E, a new synthetic drug**

It comes in pill or powder form. Websites say that everything in it is legal. It's so new, that many college student's aren't sure what it is yet.

"No I have not [heard of 2C-E]," Laura Pettit said, Grayson County College student.

"I've heard from friends that they've heard of it and it's more of a form of LSD," Alexandra Lemon said, Grayson County College Student.

It's called 2C-E, and it took the life of 22-year old Stacy Marie Jewell over the weekend. She and friends were at a residence in Konawa at 1:30 Saturday morning.

Authorities say it's similar to ecstasy, and the ingredients are imported.

"You order something online from another country," Chris Ross said, Pontotoc County District Attorney.

2C-E is a hallucinogen and deadly for the heart and kidneys.

"Some people have a problem knowing that the drug is actually in their body and ready to work," Larry Graham said, pharmacist. "It just has not come up to levels to where it's effective yet."

Grayson County College Student Ryan Crawford said ecstasy almost took the life of his cousin.

"He almost died on ecstasy," Crawford said, "I don't know what the stuff does, but he passed out and had seizures or something."

David Smith has only heard of 2C-E.

"It's kind of amazing the lengths people go to get high around here," Smith said, Grayson County College student.

Maybe after Jewell's tragedy, 2C-E will be banned on the street.

District 22 Drug Task Force is working on the case. Cody Weddle is being held at the Pontotoc County Jail with no bond. The Pontotoc County District Attorney said he could be facing murder charges.

Jen French, KTEN News