From the Texas Highway Patrol:

School districts can now instantly check the driving records of their school bus drivers online, using the web site.

DPS began offering the online driver record checks in early August and since then, more than 6,000 records have been requested by school districts across the state.

"We are pleased that we can offer a convenient, secure and fast way for school districts to review the driving records of their school bus drivers," said Rebecca Davio, DPS assistant director for Driver Licenses. "Being able to get instant feedback will help school districts ensure the safety of the hundreds of thousands of children who ride Texas school buses every day."

Before the new service, school districts had to order the driving records of their employees by mail, and the process could take weeks before they knew whether a particular driver had tickets that would be a cause for concern.

Now, school districts can access and instantly print out copies of their drivers' records. The service is provided free of charge to the districts.