SHERMAN, TX -- Barbeque is big business in Texoma even in the summer heat, but what about the people who have to man the pit in these triple-digit temperatures. Deeda Payton stopped by a Sherman barbeque joint to see how the cooks stay cool.

Barbecuing doesn't stop in the summertime just because it's hot. It heats up, just ask Kevin Ooten, owner of The OO Smokehouse in Sherman. "I've gotten overheated several times."

Ooten spends his days running back n' forth from the kitchen to the rib shack which he says can get well above 100 degrees. "I don't stay in there very long. You have to come out and get a break you know. Just go in there, get it done and get out," said Ooten.

And, the small kitchen isn't exactly cool. Employee, Shirlene Paulsen, says it's about 92 degrees inside with the air conditioner running. "Well it can get really, really hot. I mean you get to where you sweat quite a bit. It makes you fatigued you got to drink lots of water because if you don't you're going to get in trouble real quick."

In addition to the triple-digit Texas temperatures, the cooks are also surrounded by hot appliances all day. "We've got the grill, we've got our stove, we've got our saucepan that's hot, we've got our deep fryer that's hot and of course our refrigerators and appliances give off a lot of heat too," said Paulsen.

Barbecuing is serious business and OO's takes pride in their meat. They cook about 140 pounds of beef and 70 pounds of ribs a day and their sweat and tears don't go un noticed by their customers. "It's tough, it's tough but people got to make a living," said customer, Derek Gilmore.

Like they say, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen, well the kitchen is the coolest part of OO's and the cooks say they're not going anywhere.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.