DENISON, TX--The Dixie Darlings World Series officially kicked off Saturday evening.

Nearly 1000 people from all over the country are in Denison to watch their kids play ball. 

"Obviously they're spending a lot of money here,  but more importantly they're here to cheer on their kids and their child," Ron Nixon said. "They're coming from a long ways away from Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, all of the southern states."

Emma Hannaford's family drove 500 miles from Jackson, Tenn., to watch her play in the Dixie Darlings World Series. 

"The level of competition is bigger and better," Mike Hannaford said. "She works hard. We do everything in our family for the glory of the lord and so I just want her to represent our town and the lord in the best way she can."

By the first inning, the Tennessee team scored nine runs.

It's Taliyah Wimes first All-Star Game. Her father drove 18 hours from a military base in Savanna Georgia. He's been in the air force for 29 years.

"Team sports is a good thing--team integrity, which is what they teach in the military--always believe in oneself and the fact that she gets more out of this than softball," Terry Wimes said.

Taliya's mother, nephew and uncle are just a few of her family members who made the long road trip to watch her play.

"I'm real happy for her that she's here to represent Georgia and the All Stars, " Wimes said. "Mainly I always teach her just to have fun and it doesn't matter win or loose."

Until this coming Thursday, eleven teams will go home with an experience.

Jen French, KTEN News