ARDMORE, OK- An event to get you moving and it's for a good cause.  Did you know Multiple Sclerosis affects two and a half million people world wide?  Now, some women in Texoma who suffer from MS are putting on a walk to raise money and awareness.  Meredith Saldana has more on this story.    

Organizers tell me the purpose of the walk is to raise awareness for MS and specifically raise money for the Oklahoma chapter.     

It's a first for this group in southern Oklahoma, and they're hoping the community will take part and learn more about MS.      

Linda McCraw and Karla Earley both battle Multiple Sclerosis on a daily basis.

Earley says, "It affects your mobility, your vision, memory and some people it doesn't affect as bad. Some people it affects bad enough they end up in wheelchairs."

But they're using their disease to help raise awareness.     

They've planned a Multiple Sclerosis walk at Regional Park in Ardmore.

"We want to make our communities around us aware, and we want them to rally with us for a cause and that is to make our would free from MS because it's very debilitating," says McCraw.

The symptoms vary in severeness for each person diagnosed.     

McCraw says she remembers losing her vision.

"I lost my vision one Sunday in church.  I was singing in the choir and I was just standing there looking out and people were partly gone.  By that evening for practice I couldn't read the notes or the words on the page."

Both women say there's still so much research that needs to be done to fully understand the disease.     

And say the money raised will go to help fund that research.     

For now, they're hoping to make a difference.

"A cure, a cure to make our world free from MS" says McCraw. "It will come in time. It's just like cancer and March of Dimes and the Heart Association.  They're all searching for research to make a cure."

The walk is scheduled for May 22nd at 9 am at Regional Park in Ardmore.     

If you'd like more information visit their web site:   

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News