SHERMAN, TX -- If you find yourself having a hard time paying the heating bills, don't worry, the utility company will not cut you off.  KTEN's Chris Severy reports.

As of 2009 there are only three states that do not have some type of utility shutoff legislation to protect their most vulnerable populations.  They are Florida, Hawaii and Virginia.  What that means for either Oklahoma or Texas residents, is that during extreme weather situations the utility company can't come cut you off for not being able to pay your bill.  We've heard from Oklahoma Natural Gas, which says it's company policy that when the overnight low is below twenty they won't disconnect a customer.  The same holds true for the other major gas provider in our area, Atmos Energy.  Their company policy says if the temperature is 32 or below, they won't disconnect service either for not paying the bill.  Don Sherry of Oklahoma Natural Gas says, "Under the rules established by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Oklahoma Natural Gas company will not disconnect for non payment if the temperature outside is freezing."  Both companies recommend that if you can't pay your bill that you call the gas or utility company to work out a payment plan.  There are also public service agencies out there available to help those who qualify.