For many military families, this holiday season will be spent without their loved ones here to share it with them. But Meredith Saldana met with one Pontotoc County family who's counting their blessings. Here's their heartwarming story.

For most of us Christmas is just over a week away.

But for a family in Roff, Christmas came early.

The soldier's wife, Felicia Kirk says, "I've had butterflies all day!"

Sergeant James Kirk has been deployed in Iraq for about year.

Now he's back!

And he showed up at Roff Elementary School to surprise his daughter.

Sgt. Kirk says, "From Germany it's like a 13-hour flight and I could not sleep at all!"

Sergeant Kirk had a military bear with a special message delivered to his daughter Kierstin in class.

He then walked into her class and surprised her.

When we asked Kierstin about her surprise, she got a little choked up, but told us, "I missed him a lot."

But the surprises didn't end there.

Next stop, his 4 year old daughter's class.

Sgt. Kirk says this was the toughest surprise he's ever been a part of.

"It was, it was pretty hard because I just was ready to see them.  I mean, I've been away from my kids for almost a year now!"

His wife, Felicia Kirk, says her kids have been asking Santa for months now to bring daddy home for Christmas.

"They asked for Barbie and their daddy."

The couple also has an 11 month old son who hasn't seen his daddy since he was born.

"Yeah he's, I can't describe it! When I left he was just a baby, still couldn't even do nothing. I come back and he's mommy, daddy, walking, talking, everything so it's pretty amazing," says Sgt. Kirk.

Sgt. Kirk's niece Laura Lae was also surprised in class.

And when it was all over, his daughter said her wish came true.

"My daddy being here for Christmas."

For the Kirk family these next 2 weeks will fly by, but in just a month and a half Sgt. Kirk will return home for good.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News