SULPHUR, OK -- After receiving about three inches of rain, Sulphur and Davis, OK are expected to get several inches more during tomorrow's storms.

Storm chaser's in the area are getting prepped for these storms and expect it to be a fairly significant weather event.

"We're gonna go ahead and track those super cells. They do have a tornado potential tomorrow obviously models can change between now and tomorrow, but as of now that's what we're looking at," said seasoned storm chaser, Kris Hair.

Meanwhile, the potential for flooding is also expected and one woman in Sulphur said she's already seen an additional half inch of rain today.

"We clocked it this morning and we've already had a half an inch today," said Theresa Midkieff.

And for Midkieff, her and her family have a basement if severe weather does strike.

"If we have a tornado, we have a basement," Midkieff said.

Meanwhile, Hair wants everyone to know that storm chaser as in the business to save lives.

"We do go out to do it to try to save lives," Hair said.


Ashley Conroy, KTEN.